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Easy and affordable access to armed response, paramedics, roadside assistance, lawyer-on-call, and trauma counseling – one place, one button, on one smart App.

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About Trigger

Trigger was born out of the critical need to help people in South Africa live, work and play in safety and with peace of mind. We do this by providing a smart, easy to use, all-in-one platform that can help people access a network of accredited emergency services and providers – when they need them.

Trigger uses smart, disruptive and scalable technology that is also enabling better efficiencies across the security and emergency services sectors. This has created an optimally beneficial environment for all concerned: the subscriber, who receives affordable and effective services; the security provider who is able to increase revenue and its client base; and Trigger, as we fulfil our mission.

Trigger is driven by an entrepreneurially minded founding team with extensive experience of the security and technology sectors.

Your Family

Trigger gives you 24/7 access to armed response, medical emergency services, roadside assistance, lawyer-on-call as well as trauma & suicide counselling.

On the trail

Whether out on a ride or enjoying your morning walk or run, Trigger provides peace of mind through our effective panic button.

On the road

When on the road you can rest assured that armed response, medical emergencies, and roadside assistance are taken care of.

Let kids be kids

Your children should have the freedom to be kids. Their safety is your #1 priority. With Trigger it is made so much easier.

Peace of mind

Everyone can have peace of mind knowing that an emergency response when needed, is just the push of a button away.

Proudly manufactured in South Africa
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