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Get safe with a Self-Defence Studded Baton Stun Gun Flashlight. It produces a strong Output pulse voltage of over 1300kv fully rechargeable, LED Torchlight and is able to illuminate distances of up to 300 meters and boasts an impressively long lifespan, while an aluminum alloy construction ensures the stun gun is durable and sturdy. This anti-riot studded baton stun gun will deter any wrongdoer or criminal offense and be your personal bodyguard in any situation.

– High Electric Voltage
– Strong Led light
– Rechargeable (Charger Included)
– Heavy Duty Studded Baton Stun Gun
– Output Voltage:over 1300kv
– Input Voltage: 7.2
– Material: Aluminium Alloy
– Long Lifespan
– Illumination distance: 50M
– Model Type: 1109

Product Size: 37 cm (L) x 3.5 cm (Head Diameter) x 3 cm (Base Diameter)
Weight: 600g

Operation Instruction:
1. Before the application of consumers, it should be charged with the equipped built-in for 10-12 hours.
(Method: insert the charge output terminal into the socket, connect with the power source, not the red indication light on the charge is on, which means normal.
Charging; When the red light turns to green light, it means charging was finished).
2. Promoting the third through the first lighting, pushed to the second gear, press the red button to shock front.

Don’t use function switches optionally during charging, to avoid and component damage;
Prohibit for an electric shock on metal complexes, to avoid damaging high voltage generator.
Prohibit to use it upon children, cardiopathy patients, and the main part of the human body

Main Function and Application
– Large capacity DC discharge, large output energy with excellent self-defense performance;
– Ultra-high bright LED bulb with long illumination time;
– Repeated charging is available for high-capacity chargeable lithium battery.



Additional information

Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 37 × 3.5 × 3 cm


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Stun Baton 1109 Spike Self-Defense Flashlight