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Safety Glasses offer simple safety and comfort.
– Frame Colour: Black
– Frame design: Wraparound
– Gender: Unisex
– Lens Colour: Clear
– Used: Machine guards, engineering controls, factory and personal Safety practices


Warnings and Instruction

Read all instruction and warnings before using this product. Failure to follow these instructions and warnings may result in serious personal injury.

When not in use, store this eye protector’s in a container or pouch such that it is out of direct sunlight, away from chemicals, abrasive substances, hard surfaces or items that can damage any part of the spectacle.
Industrial eye proctors only provide limited protection and should not be relied on to provide complete protection again hazards, but should be used in conjunction with machine guard, engineering control and sound factory and personal safety practices.

This eye protector does not require maintenance. Do not modify or alter this product in any way or the protection intended may be compromised.

To clean and disinfect, rinse in 1% solution of mild detergent, carefully rinse off all traces of detergent and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use solvents, abrasive cleaners or dry clean.

This eyewear conforms to EN166:2001 and markings & information should be read in conjunction with EN171 & EN172 to ensure the correct field of use. Protection capabilities and performance characteristics for this eye protector are suitable for the intended use. If the wearer is uncertain of the performance aspects of this eye protector please check with your relevant safety supervisor or supplier.

The wearer must ensure that a proper fit of this eye protector is obtained prior to use and to ensure that this eye protector fits securely at all times during use. A proper fit can be obtained where possible by adjusting its temple length, inclination or adjusting the flexible temple end.

These eye protectors whilst are assembled from various parts are not intended to have parts replaced.

Under normal circumstances, the eye protector should offer adequate protection for 2 to 3 years.

If the lens becomes scratched or damaged or the frame becomes damaged or faulty, the eye protector must be replaced. Examine the eye protector frequently before using.

The frame or housing of these eye protectors provides less protection against impact than the lens.

The frame or housing, when I contact with the skin, may cause allergic reactions to susceptible individuals if this is the case doctor’s advice should be consulted.

Eye protectors against high-speed particles worn over standard ophthalmic spectacles may transmit impact to the eye-wear enclosed by the eye protector thus creating a hazard to the wearer. If protection against high-speed particles at extremes of temperature is required to select eye protector should be marked with the letter T immediately after the impact letter (FT, BT, AT). If the impact letter is not followed by the letter T then the eye protector shall only be used against high-speed particles at room temperature.

Not for use for any athletic game, recreational activities, paintball or simulated war activities.

Not for use for protection against laser light.

Optical class 3 oculars are not intended for long term use.


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Safety Eye Specs Data Sheet


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