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The Safety Ear Muff protects the wearer from extreme noises. The head head-band and outer covering is made from a hard material.
– Frame Colour: Black and Blue
– Gender: Unisex
– Used: Machine guards, engineering controls, factory and personal Safety practices

Fitting and Maintenance Instruction

Ensure Ear defenders are fitted adjusted, maintained and regularly inspected in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Ear defenders should be worn at all times I noisy surrounding. If these instructions are ignored, protection will be severely impaited.

Note: Spectacle frames and hair between the ear pad and the head may affect the performance of the ear defender.

Correct adjustment:

Position the ear defender cups at the bottom of the slots in the headband. Fit the cups over the ear, with the markings ‘TOP’ above the ear. Slide the headband down until it touches the top of the head.

This ear defender is provided with an extra strap so the headband can be worn behind the head. Feed strap through the slotted lug at the top of the cup o the excess strap points away from the head. Position the ear defender cups at the bottom of the slots in the headband. Pull the flexible trap through the slot I the top of the cups until the strap touches the top of the head. Place the headband behind the head I the most comfortable position.

When not in use or during transportation, this ear defender should be stored in a container such that it is out of sunlight, away from chemicals and abrasive substances and cannot be damaged by physical contact with hard surfaces/items. Clean with warm soapy water. Solvent or abrasive cleaner should not be used. This product may be adversely affected by certain chemical substance. Under normal circumstances, the ear defender should offer adequate protection from 2-3 years. Cushions may deteriorate with use and should be examined at frequent intervals for cracking and leakage and replaced when required.

As required, the user is adviced that when the ear defender is I contact with the wearer’s skin, it may cause an allergic reaction to a susceptible individual. If this is the case, leave the hazard area and remove the ear defender.


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Safety Ear Muffs