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Facilitate a Private Personal Safety Virtual Workshop for your family and friends.  All you have to do is pick a date and time that suits you and tell us which workshop you would like.  We will contact you with a few questions to make sure the content is relevant to you and we will schedule the workshop and send you the invitation.  Be prepared to change the way you think about YOUR safety.

These are workshops for family, friends & neighbours

Workshop runs for one-hour via ZOOM

ACT Personal Safety Virtual Workshops:

Essential Personal Safety

Most crimes are preventable by being aware of our surroundings. The ACT Personal Safety training sessions are a fun way to learn essential safety information including when and where most violent confrontations take place, how to recognize different types of criminals, how to minimize your vulnerability, and how best to respond to an attacker to maximize your chances of survival. By means of some simple interactive physical exercises, you will also learn how to recognise suspicious behaviour and avoid potentially dangerous confrontations.

Home Invasion: Preparation & Survival

Home invasions and armed robberies are becoming commonplace and traditional burglar alarm systems are just not effective in countering this type of attack. In this session we will show you how to reduce your risk of being targeted by criminals, as well as how to keep safe in the event you are attacked. We will explain our Layered Safety Model and show you the importance of planning your safety as a family.

Weapon Choice for Self Defense

For many people, the word “weapon” often conjures up fear and alarm. But the fact is that when threatened, most people will pick up a weapon to defend themselves. Everyday objects such as keys, kitchen knives, torches and baseball bats can work well as improvised weapons for self- defense. In this workshop we will walk you through the different categories and types of weapons available. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each choice and demonstrate the correct way to use your chosen self-defense tool.

Effective use of Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is an excellent and effective survival tool. It is both non-lethal and easily carried with you wherever you go. This talk comprehensively covers the use of pepper spray and how it works as well as discussing different categories and options available. Course participants will gain a good understanding of using pepper spray correctly. The advantages and disadvantages of each type are considered. You will also practice the most effective use of pepper spray in a simulated scenario.

Hijack Avoidance and Survival

In this workshop, you will learn how to reduce your chances of being targeted as a hijack victim, as well as how to survive hijackings if you are attacked. We will cover the importance of taking responsibility for your safety and making decisions as well as planning your safety. Through this session, you will understand the goal of hijackers, where you are most vulnerable, and how to use this knowledge effectively. Learning what you and other vehicle occupants can do if you are hijacked could ultimately save you or a family member’s life.

Teaching Your Child

Children are our country’s most precious asset and they need to be taught essential safety skills to protect themselves. It is our duty as parents and caregivers to guide them well, and it is never too early or too late to start teaching your child about personal safety. Developed with the close input of a Clinical Child Psychologist and an experienced school educator, we will show you how to engage with and instruct your child about personal safety. In this way, you are empowered to become your child’s most effective safety instructor.

Using a Baton to defend yourself

Batons (such as knobkieries) are some of the most effective weapons you can use in defensive situations. This course is applicable to both men and women and you will learn how to use a baton correctly while defending yourself. You will be given the opportunity to practice your new skills with the baton.

Plug and Press

The Plug and Press course is an information and practice session that focuses on the use of first aid supplies designed for the first line in field care of wounds that results in catastrophic bleeding and or injuries to the airways. It is critical information for when you or a loved one has been stabbed or shot or has been the victim of a car accident and you need to stay alive until you get to a hospital.

What will you cover:

  • Physical attributes of projectiles and edged weapons
  • Basic anatomy and injuries
  • How can you make a difference?
  1.     Utilising specifically designed first aid supplies available to the civilian and military market
  2.      Improvising when these products are not available


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ACT Personal Safety Virtual Workshop (Private)