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Handling and marksmanship skills for field environment.

Often relegated to a close-range “tactical niche” and sometimes referred to as the poor man’s rifle, in the right hands with the right skills and right mindset, the shotgun is a versatile weapon and can be effectively used in a range of tactical scenarios.

Fundamental skills are universal but join us for the South African flavour, thinking, and skills for the use of the shotgun in the field environment. You will learn to run and manipulate your shotgun so it becomes second nature and your mind is freed up to concentrate on the task at hand.

What we will cover
• Working the action and grip
• Sling and carry positions (Muzzle up vs Muzzle Down) and getting into action and onto the target
• Getting and keeping your shotgun loaded
• Taking the mystery out of ammunition changes -how and why?
• Malfunction and weapon transition drills
• Stationary and mobile firing platforms

Cost R950 for Course only (Range Fees Included)
Cost R1650 for Course and Training Round Combo (Range Fees Included)
If you Require Shotgun Training Rounds and sign up for this course you can get an R70 discount on the 5 Pack of Shotgun Training Rounds (Normal Price R770 – Course Attendant Cost R700)

Date: Friday, 18th June 2021
Venue: CAB House 10 North Road Eastleigh (Edenvale)
Time: 19h00-22h00
Cost: R600,00

TO BOOK: email / WhatsApp 071 098 6393

Pump Action Shotgun
Two-point sling
Personal Protection Equipment (Eye and ear protection)
5-10 (dummy-training rounds)
Round count – 80-100 Bird Shot
Good shoes


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