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MDW Badger Bag The perfect way to carry your safety tools, so they are concealed and easily accessible. Designed for your comfort in your car while driving. Ideal for outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, backpacking, etc. The bag: The bag is comfortable to carry over your shoulder: in front on your chest or on your back Fast access system Includes a removable waist strap 5x Pockets: 1x Pocket on the strap 2x Front Pockets 1x Main Compartment (includes Velcro patch) 1x Back Pocket

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Chest Bag front carry  Chest Bag Back carry  Chest Bag Easy Access

Trigger Guard Holster A simple, effective solution to provide trigger protection. Supplied with: Cord Customisation: Different colours available on request

Trigger Holster

Multi-Purpose Tactical Insert Ideal for Multi-purpose carry. Set up your personal tools like Pepper Spray, Tactical Baton and Handgun and/or Carbine Magazine.

Multi-purpose Tactical Insert Front  Multi-purpose Tactical Insert Pepper Spray Tactical Baton  Multi-purpose Tactical Insert Magazines



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