Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer RN-501


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Using infrared non-contact thermometers has become crucial in the fight against Covid-19. Not all non-contact thermometers are equal. Some will only provide accurate readings at a distance of 1 – 3cm from the forehead. With any virus that can be transferred via contact from contaminated hands to mouth/nose, the greater the distance from the thermometer to the forehead during a measurement, the less likely the transfer of contaminants from the thermometer to the patient.

The RN-501 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer will provide you with an accurate temperature reading from a distance of up to 5cm from the patient’s forehead.


  • Non-contact and Hygienic
  • Accurate measurements
  • LCD screen with backlight
  • Three colour backlight which correlates to range of temperatures
  • Fever alarm for temps above 38oC
  • Body and Object Mode
  • Specifications:

– Temperature range:                  320C – 42.90C
– Accuracy (body):                        ±0.2oC
– Accuracy (object):                      ±1.0oC
– Display resolution:                    0.1oC
– Operating distance:                   3 – 5 cm
– Operating Conditions:              5 – 35oC
– Power off:                                    Automatic shut off after 60secs
– Data memory:                            Stores 32 readings
– Power supply:                            2 x AA batteries (supplied)
– Dimensions:                               145 x 95 x 45mm
– Mass:                                           131g
– Certification:                             CE & ISO 13485
– Warranty:                                  2 Years


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Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer RN-501 Data Sheet


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