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With the COVID-19 Virus spreading rapidly throughout the world, the number of cases increasing daily in South Africa and the global shortage of surgical and N95 masks, something needs to be done to provide a cost-effective means to protect the face, nose, mouth, and eyes of healthcare workers.

The pricing of surgical and N95 masks has risen to exorbitant and unacceptable levels and as a company, we stand firmly and steadfast in our ethical belief that all medical companies should be contributing in a positive way to containing the spread of COVID-19 and not exploiting a terrified populace.

Why not consider protecting your staff with the CritiCare® SafeShield Face Protector?

– Hygienic, easy and cost-effective to use
– Readily available in any volume
– Complete surface protection of the face, eyes, nose, and mouth.
– Reduces ‘face touching’ with contaminated hands or gloves
– Spray with alcohol-based sanitizer to disinfect and use multiple times during a shift.
– Can be worn concurrently with other face/eye PPE for increased protection
– Can comfortably accommodate prescription glasses
– Does not impede facial nonverbal and verbal communication
– May extend the useful life of a protective facemask when used concurrently

– SafeShield Dimensions: 30 x 22cm, which equates to 660cm2 of face protection!
– The shield is manufactured from 175-micron Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material
– Forehead comfort band manufactured from 26kg m3 Polyurethane Foam


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CritiCare SafeShield Face Protector


Protect the face, nose, mouth, and eyes