CritiCare Alcohol Wipes 1000 Large


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  • 99.8% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Wipe made from non-woven Spun lace towelette fabric
  • Can be used on hands or to disinfect surfaces
  • 160 x 190mm towelette
  • 1000 wipes per box

Is used to disinfect the skin and or surfaces. Alcohol wipes has been shown to be a good disinfectant, reducing the number of bacteria.

An injury such as a cut can occur at any time. Many injuries can be treated at home or at work with simple supplies that can be found in a standard first aid kit. Alcohol wipes should be located in the first aid kit at your home, in your car, or at work. They are sealed in individual packets to keep them sterile and moist until they need to be used.

When and When Not to Use Alcohol Wipes

If you get a cut and you are not in a place where you have no access to soap and water, you can clean the area with an alcohol wipe instead. This is a good alternative when out and about. Alcohol wipes can be used to clean insect bites and new blisters. They can also be used to disinfect your equipment.

  • Alcohol wipes should not be used on sensitive skin because they can cause the skin to become dry, red, and irritated.
  • Should not be used to clean an open wound, it can cause damage that could delay or prevent healing.
  • Should not be used on deep puncture wounds or bites or in the eyes or nose.
  • Should not be used to try to lower a fever.
Dimensions 16 × 19 cm


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