Cotton Ice Bag – Reusable 22.5cm


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Ideal for application of cold therapy in treating minor scrapes, bruises, headaches, muscle aches and pains. Helps reduce swelling and speed recovery. Able to fill with ice or cold water.
Ice Bag Care: Drain bag after use and air dry before replacing the lid.
Use only water or ice with this product.

– 22.5cm cotton bag with clip on lid
– Reusable
– Refillable no-leak ice bag with an easy-open cap
– Stays colder longer than gel packs providing the most effective therapy

– Fill ice bag 2/3 full of cold water ice cubes or crushed ice.
– Twist cap securely on bag
– Place ice bag on affected area.
– Finished using, empty contents of ice bag and leave top off to dry.

How to Use Cotton Ice Bag


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Cotton Ice Bag – Reusable 22.5cm Data Sheet


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