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The ACT leadership team is focused on finding and nurturing the very best Trainers. By recognising each individual’s diversity and encouraging them to convey their own essence and humour, the company is enriched and the client, student and customer benefits in every session.


Personal Safety

We will take you step-by-step through the process of making critical decisions before facing potential conflict situations. We provide the knowledge and tools allowing you to act in the safest possible way. In this course, you will learn the importance of accountability and the understanding of criminal mind set and behaviour. You will be advised about key aspects of personal awareness, decision making, having a plan in place as well as possible weapon selections for self-defence. The course will conclude with the demonstration of a conflict situation and effective ways of dealing with it.


Self Defence

An extension of our Personal Safety training, ACT Self Defence provides the physical attributes required to keep yourself safe. In this course, we will learn to physically defend yourself against the most common type of attacks such as rape, etc.


Hijack Safety & Survival

In this workshop you will learn how to reduce your chances of being targeted as a hijack victim, as well as how to survive hijackings if you are attacked. We will cover the importance of taking responsibility for your safety and making decisions as well as planning your safety. Through this session you will understand the goal of hijackers, where you are most vulnerable and how to use this knowledge effectively. Learning what you and other vehicle occupants can do if you are hijacked could ultimately save you or a family member’s life.


Weapon choice for Self Defence

For many people, the word “weapon” often conjures up fear and alarm. But the fact is that when threatened, most people will pick up a weapon to defend themselves. Everyday objects such as keys, kitchen knives, torches and baseball bats can work well as improvised weapons for self- defence. In this workshop we will walk you through the different categories and types of weapons available. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each choice and demonstrate the correct way to use your chosen self-defence tool.


Effective use of Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is an excellent and effective survival tool. It is both non-lethal and easily carried with you wherever you go. This talk comprehensively covers the use of pepper spray and how it works as well as discussing different categories and options available. Course participants will gain a good understanding of using pepper spray correctly. The advantages and disadvantages of each type are considered. You will also practise the most effective use of pepper spray in a simulated scenario.


Hostile Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T.)

HEAT courses are designed to prepare personnel to operate in hostile or foreign environments with greater safety. This requires training on both proactive actions to avoid trouble / risky situations, as well as knowledge on what to do in the event they are caught up in situations or incidents. The scope and depth of training can vary depending on the risk profile, and obviously travel in active conflict zones requires more in depth of training as there are more risks to cover. We customize training in line with the risks faced by personnel.


Additional Services


Team Building

Crime touches everyone. This common bond can become a positive foundation for a great team building event. In our Team Building events everyone takes home life-saving skills. Our custom-developed team building workshops will stimulate thinking about personal safety, while empowering you to work as a team. By working together, participants develop communication, collaboration and strategy skills. Understanding and facing fears helps to break down stereotypes and encourages each person to become part of a winning team.


Speaking Engagements

More than motivational, our talks leave the audience feeling empowered about keeping themselves safe from violence. Our talks are presented in an entertaining manner and focus on the various aspects of risks that we all face on a daily basis. Our experience in both corporate and hard-core safety training provides us with the tools to deliver simple, easy to remember tips and information on staying safe in the workplace as well as at home.

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