Practical Tactical

Practical Tactical

Our Goal:

Ultimately our goal is to ensure that you can face any dangerous situation that you may find yourself in with confidence by arming you with the knowledge and practice it takes to protect yourself.  Practical Tactical training is aimed at helping you incorporate your firearm training in everyday life scenarios that you may face.  We will provide you with the tools and platform to explore your options and practice what you would do in common attack situation.  Most of us have an idea of what they would do in a hijack situation for example, but in our experience, when put to the test those well thought out theories fail.

Practical Tactical is where your practical training meets your practical needs for Real Self-Defense.

In a nightmare scenario like a home invasion, hijacking, kidnapping and other violent attacks, carrying a gun or a knife does not protect you – you protect you- by training to use those tools under pressure.  Most people’s tools of choice are Firearms, edged weapons, Pepper Spray, Tactical Batons or even a combination of these, however the speed and aggression with which a real life attack takes place often renders us unable to use our weapons against our attacker on time.  Practical Tactical is about giving you the training and knowledge to USE your weapon, not just CARRY your weapon.

If you feel safe with any of the above mentioned tools, imagine how safe you will feel knowing you can use it efficiently!

Who should do a Practical Tactical Course? Answer these quick questions and find out:

1.       Do you have or are considering a firearm for self defense?

2.       Do you carry or want to carry a knife/pepper spray or tazer for self defense?

3.       Do you want to be able to protect yourself or your loved ones in a dangerous situation?

4.       Are you a professional who depend on your firearm to stay alive?

5.       Do you walk/drive/use public transport to get to your place of work/study/pleasure which make you hyper vigilant or nervous?

6.       Do you doubt the security of your house and yard while you are home?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you should sign up for one of more of our courses!

Who are we?

Kelee Arrowsmith, Keith Biermann and Mark Human collectively have ____ years experience in Firearms, weapons use and self defense. They are professional, highly recommended trainers in their respective fields and have a passion for training people to be prepared for dangerous situations.

Topics we will cover:

Introduction to firearm & other weapon skills for newbies

Practical Firearms & other weapon skills

Legal Concerns

Practical first aid

Real life scenarios around violent encounters


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